I know your publishing company told you that you self published, but I must inform you that you did not. If your ISBN is not in your name you did not self publish. It’s not to late to fix this. You can republish at any time. Get all your money. Many authors don’t read the author agreement that companies like AUTHORHOUSE and XILIBRIS give you after you paid the package fee upfront. It clearly says, you are giving them 90% of your royalties from each copy sold. So, if your book is listed for 10.99 on Amazon how much are you really making per copy? Let’s self publish and collect all of our coins.





















Publisher, Author, and Photographer in Atlanta, Georgia
Tiffany Audriana Green is a dynamic, insightful, and diligent woman driven by an infectious enthusiasm for creativity. A native of Chicago, mother of two and grandmother of three. Tiffany, is an astute entrepreneur, international blogger, dynamic coach, author, speaker, publisher and international wedding photographer. She is the pioneer and Founder of the brand for writers and authors Black Writer’s Space. The platform was birthed from her passion for both writing and photography in 2007. Since then Tiffany has discovered more ways to touch lives, educate people, and give the world a better insight of soulful living. Recent projects include The Beautiful Boss Magazine, an online blog magazine featuring women in business and offering the resources and info needed to build amazing brands. Having an intimate passion for love and real relationships Tiffany launched Love Defined in Black, an online blog celebrating marriage and relationships.

Tiffany has published three books, ‘Enjoy Living Authentically’, ‘Just Do It, and Brand Yourself Like Crazy. ’ Tiffany leverages her tremendous success in various aspects of her life to inspire, motivate, and transform people on a daily basis. She firmly believes in creativity and harnessing its power to transform our world.

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