Who are you and what do you do?
I am Tiffany A Green-Hood and I teach authors the business of publishing. I am a photographer, author, graphic designer and publisher.                                                                                                                                                                     
What started your love for writing?                                                                                                                            I’ve been writing since I was a child. My mom said I’ve always had a pencil or pen in my hand. I love that this was one of my natural gifts God Place in me. Years ago I wrote poetry. My notebooks would accompany at work daily. I also journaled a lot back then, I’ve gotten away from it as I added more to my plate.                                                     
What would you say has been your greatest accomplishment to date?                                                          I would say my greatest accomplishment would be creating BLACK WRITERS SPACE. It’s amazing when you know you are called to something that you can’t quite explain just yet but you know it’s amazing. In 2007 I only knew I wanted to celebrate authors that no one knew about and provide a platform to provide resources and such. Over the years to watch my numbers grow over and beyond 20K across several platforms, seems like yesterday when I first set up my Facebook Page.                                                                                                                        
What do you want your audience to gain from your platform? 
I want authors to learn as much as possible in self-publishing. Many authors are so focused on becoming famous overnight they miss the major benefits of being an independent author. It’s sad however I’m thankful for those that take the time to listen, read and study and then email or inbox me and let me know how I played a part in the success of their journey as an author.                                                                                                                                             
What’s one thing you want authors to know about you?
I’m a woman who had a dream of influencing authors to live out their dreams and goals in this game called publishing. This is not a money and coins game for me, I want authors to know how to collect their own money. It’s plenty of coins out here for everyone and your book should bring in more than just one purchase.                         
What’s your favorite part of being an author?
My favorite part is creating collaborations and partnerships. Connecting with other amazing authors is what I love. My anthology Real Divas Win gave me the opportunity to not only connect but to also, create authors and assist in adding to the collection of authors who only had solo publications. Being a blessing is what I strive for.      
What did 2019 add to your accolades as an author/publisher? 
Like most, I started out with a long list of goals, and while not all of them have been completed,  I don’t give up easily. This year my anthology REAL divas Win was nominated for Anthology of the Year with the IALA AWARDS with founder Tieshena Davis. This was a major surprise for me but most of all an honor. 
Also, I decided to push myself and release the BWS MAGAZINE. I learned just because we don’t do it like everyone else doesn’t mean it can’t count. It’s been 7 years since I hosted my BWS RADIO SHOW on Blogtalk and I’m so ready to get back to showcasing and celebrating amazing writers. This project is different. It’s a blog magazine, each feature will have a magazine cover and the content will be posted on my blog. I figured I’d meet people where they are, everyone’s online anyway, why not my magazine. LoL. 
Another accolade would be releasing Volume #2 of REAL divas Win RDW, in Chicago 9-28-19. You can still register to meet us there and grab your copy. We are also now recruiting for book #3 for 2020.
I started my podcast Life, Business + Publishing. My podcast is hosted on Buzzsprout. I wanted a podcast to talk about the in-between topics aside from just publishing and books. After all, I’m human outside of social media and have so much more valuable content to bring my audience. There’s no cover-up with Tiffany A Green, I’m simple and real.                                                                                                                                                                                                
How can we connect with you?
You can google Black Writers Space or Tiffany A Green and most of my info, sites and links will come up. I am across all social media
Instagram, Periscope, Twitter + Facebook
Under @Blackwritersspace, @thebeautifulboss and Tiffany A Green.


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Publisher, Author, and Photographer in Atlanta, Georgia
Tiffany Audriana Green is a dynamic, insightful, and diligent woman driven by an infectious enthusiasm for creativity. A native of Chicago, mother of two and grandmother of three. Tiffany, is an astute entrepreneur, international blogger, dynamic coach, author, speaker, publisher and international wedding photographer. She is the pioneer and Founder of the brand for writers and authors Black Writer’s Space. The platform was birthed from her passion for both writing and photography in 2007. Since then Tiffany has discovered more ways to touch lives, educate people, and give the world a better insight of soulful living. Recent projects include The Beautiful Boss Magazine, an online blog magazine featuring women in business and offering the resources and info needed to build amazing brands. Having an intimate passion for love and real relationships Tiffany launched Love Defined in Black, an online blog celebrating marriage and relationships.

Tiffany has published three books, ‘Enjoy Living Authentically’, ‘Just Do It, and Brand Yourself Like Crazy. ’ Tiffany leverages her tremendous success in various aspects of her life to inspire, motivate, and transform people on a daily basis. She firmly believes in creativity and harnessing its power to transform our world.

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