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All the things you didn't know.

I've Published My Book Now What

The hard part is over. Now you need to learn how to sell your book. All the things you didnt research or what your so-called publisher never told you

Welcome to Black Writers Space


BWS University is designed to teach you how to self-publish your book and learn the business of publishing.

  • Learn to take your book from idea to complete manuscript ready to sell.
  • Learn how to make money before your book is written or complete.
  • Learn how to create products and services from your book.
  • Receive monthly live webinars to help you through your publishing process.
  • Learn how to create titles and book covers that win.
  • Learn how to create Marketing Strategies for your book that work.
  • Learn how to avoid bad publishing contracts.
  • Learn how to use social media to grow your author brand.
  • Learn how to brand yourself as an author.
  • Learn how to maximize your life as an authorprenuer.

Too many times I have encountered authors who have been ripped off and have spent thousands on publishing packages they did not need. I have created a membership site to help take your self-publishing experience to the next level. Learn how to publish like pros.